Article List

List of Senior Fellows' and Speakers' Articles Available to Download (by Conference)

Managing Migration: the neglected face of globalization? 
Goodenough College, London and Merton College, Oxford, April 2008
Professor Shamit Saggar, Migration: political challenges, policy choices

Encouraging Scientific Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Age: owning knowledge and open source 
Potsdam, Germany, December 2007
Jason Pontin and Dr Shereen El Feki

Population and Health: facing up to the future 
Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany, October/November 2007
Prof. Dr Jim Vaupel and Prof. Dr Gabriele Doblhammer-Reiter,

Climate change: science, politics and the management of uncertainty
Merton College, Oxford, September 2007
John Elkington

The Genetics Revolution
Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton nr. Cambridge, August 2006
Professor Martin Bobrow

Where is globalization heading?
Parliament of Karnataka, Bangalore, India, May 2006
Professor Tim Shaw

The challenge of HIV/AIDS: thinking further ahead
Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, July 2005
Dr Shereen El Feki

Politics and Ethnicity: communities, the state and managing changing relationships
Merton College, Oxford, April 2005
Neal Ascherson

Global Governance: scenarios for the future
Madingley Hall, Cambridge, October 2004
Dr Michael Williams

Disease and Security
Villa Monastero, Lake Como, Italy, April/May 2004
Professor Christopher Coker, War and Disease

Globalization: rhetoric, reality and international politics
US Congress, Washington DC, October/November 2003
(Fellowship conference)
Mary Robinson, Globalization and Human Rights

History, Policy, and Identity
Madingley Hall, Cambridge, October 2003
Neal Ascherson

The Future of Higher Education: dilemmas and opportunities
Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, July/August 2003
Baroness Warwick

Global Civil Society: expectations, capacities, and the accountability of international NGOs
Merton College, Oxford, March/April 2003
Dr Michael Williams

Corporate Social Responsibility: rethinking the role of corporations in a globalizing world
Madingley Hall, Cambridge, October 2002
Sir Geoffrey Owen

Culture, National Identity, and Public Policy: what role should governments and business play in the arts?
Villa Monastero, Lake Como, Italy, September 2002
Lord Claus Moser

Security, Independence and Liberty after September 11: balancing competing claims
Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg, May 2002
Dr Christopher Coker

The Precautionary Principle: risk, regulation and politics
Merton College, April 2002
Dr Ragnar Lofstedt

Human Rights as Collective Rights: benefits and pitfalls
Madingley Hall, Cambridge, October/November 2001
Neal Ascherson

The Economic, Political and Social Implications of the Internet: just how radical will they be?
Endicott House, MIT, Boston, United States, June/July 2001
Dr John Naughton, Contested Space: the Internet and Society

Rethinking Security for the 21st Century
Merton College, Oxford, March 2001
Dr Christopher Coker

Ending Anarchy? International Rule and Reconstruction After Conflict
Madingley Hall, Cambridge, October 2000
Dr Michael C Williams, Introductory Paper

The Knowledge Society: Changing the shape of education for the 21st century
Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg, September 2000
Sir Claus Moser, Introductory Paper

Asia-Pacific Economic and Security Scenarios for 2020
Keidanren Guest House, Near Mount Fuji, Japan, May 2000
Sir John Boyd, Introductory Paper
Professor Heizo Takenaka, Introductory Paper

Science, Risk and the Regulation of New Technologies
Merton College, Oxford, March/April, 2000
Professor Heinz Wolff, Introductory Paper
Fellow's Presentation: Patrick Mendis, The Explosive Dynamics of Information Technologies: Webonomics or Clintonomics?

Globalization: Challenges and Discontents
Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco, September 1999
Dominique Moïsi
Lord David Puttnam, Culture: is Globalization really Americanization?

The Future of the Nation State
Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg, June 1999
Robert Cooper, The Historical Development of the Nation-State and Some Questions About Its Future

Study Tour of the Baltic States and St Petersburg: a post-imperial renaissance? 
Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Lahemaa National Park, Narva, St Petersburg May 1999
John Lotherington, Tour Report

Media power and responsibilityrole of the fourth estate in the 21st : the century
St Edmund Hall, Oxford, March 1999
Michael Ignatieff

The International Community and its Role in Preventing, Managing and Resolving Conflict
Madingley Hall, Cambridge, September 1998
Sir Marrack Goulding

Corruption and Its Victims - Business, Government, Society
The Search for Higher Standards

Queens' College, Cambridge, July 1998
George Moody-Stuart
Jeremy Pope, Combatting Corruption - the Domestic Front: The Holistic Approach to Containing Corruption
Bertrand de Spéville, The Corruption Battle in Hong Kong
John Githongo, Corruption in Kenya

New Debates in Disarmament : Nuclear and Other Weapons
Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg, May/June 1998
Dr Lynn E. Davis

Genetics, Identity and Justice
Merton College, Oxford, March/April 1998
Professor Ronald Dworkin, Justice and Fate

Study Tour of South Africa and Namibia: challenges of political and economic reconstruction into the 21st Century
Johannesburg - Durban - Cape Town - Windhoek, October/ November 1997
Dr Paul Kielstra, Impressions and Tour Report

Ethnic Conflict in the Wider Europe: causes, preventions, cures
Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg, June 1997
Neal Ascherson

Islam and the West: clashpoints and dialogues
Forte Grand Hotel, Giza, near Cairo, Egypt, February 1997
Professor A W Elmessiri
Mr Edward Mortimer
Julie Polter, The Pains of Modernization