1996 Conference Programme

Unemployment and new patterns of work in the digital age

Queens' College, Cambridge
22-30 March 1996



Senior Fellow

Dr Vince Cable Senior Economist, Shell International


Dr. Geoff Mulgan Director of Demos, the London-based think-tank
Professor Richard Layard London School of Economics
Dr Juliet Webster European Commission
Professor Patrick Messerlin Institut d'études politiques de Paris
Lief Mills Former President of the British TUC
Dr Richard Jackman London School of Economics
James Robertson Freelance writer and lecturer
Graham Reid Director General of Strategy, UK Department for Education and Employment


The European Union: model of political evolution or faltering experiment?

Klingenthal Castle, near Strasbourg
7-14 June 1996

Senior Fellow

Ian Davidson The Financial Times


H.E. Jacques Andréani French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dr Hubertus von Morr Bundeskanzleramt
H.E. Gunnar Riberholdt Danish Ambassador to NATO and former Ambassador to the EU
John Roper recently Head of Western European Union Institute for Security Studies, Paris
Peter Brown-Pappamikail Political Advisor, European Parliament Socialist Group
Eileen Denza Lecturer in Law, University College, London, former Counsel to European Union Committee, House of Lords, London


The Ethical and Economic Implications of Genetic Science

Madingley Hall, Cambridge
5-13 September 1996

Senior Fellow

Professor Heinz Wolff Brunel University


Dr Tom Wilkie Senior policy analyst, The Wellcome Trust, former Science Editor of The Independent
Prof Steven Rose Department of Biology, The Open University
Prof Martin Bobrow Department of Medical Genetics, Cambridge University
Dr George Poste Director of Research, SmithKline Beecham
Alastair Kent Genetic Interest Group, London
Dr Jack Cohen University of Warwick
Dr Harriet Strimpel Senior Scientist and Patent Agent, Bromberg and Sunstein, Boston
Dr Bernard Dixon Science writer, consultant, editor of Medical Science Research
Prof Benno Müller-Hill Institute of Genetics, University of Cologne
Prof John Harris Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, Manchester University
Paul Smee Head of Life Insurance, Association of British Insurers
Anne Campbell MP, House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology


1996 Fellowship Programme

The Importance of Civil Society

Rutgers University New Jersey
Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 April 1996


Prof Donna Winslow University of Ottawa
The Hon Harris Wofford CEO, US Corporation for National Service
Dr Ray Raymond British Consulate-General, New York
Dr Samuel Proctor Prof Emeritus, Rutgers University
Alejandro Molina Human Rights activist
Prof Michael Shafer Rutgers University
Sgt Nelson Baez Visions of Tomorrow
Rev Lisanne Finston Elijah's Promise
Ann Graham Local Democracy in Poland
Jackie Marsh Women Aware
Yvette Murray New Brunswick Council for Youth.

The Trust would like to express its thanks to Michael Shafer and Donna Winslow who did so much to organize this conference, and took on such a large role in helping to run it.


Preserving a City: Cracow as a Case Study

Friday 24 to Sunday 26 May 1996


Krzystof Ingarden Co-designer, Cracow Centre of Japanese Art and Technology
Krzystof Gorlich Deputy Mayor, Cracow
Prof Jacek Purchla International Cultural Centre, Cracow
Romuald Loegler Architect
Malgorzata Wlczak Kazimierz Revitalization Office

The Trust would like to express its thanks to Maciej Wojciechowski who did so much to organize this conference and to make participants feel at home in his city.


US/EU Relations After the US Elections

European Parliament Office, London
3 December 1996


The Rt Hon Lord David Owen