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Klingenthal Conference: Remaking the State: The Impact of the Digital Revolution Now and to Come

Château Klingenthal, near Strasbourg, September 9-12, 2016

Every significant technological breakthrough in history – such as printing in the fifteenth century, or railways in the nineteenth – has, in turn, transformed the state and its role in international relations, security, commerce and engagement with citizens. With much of the world having gone online during the past 20 years, what have been the significant changes to the structure and powers of the state? What might be on the horizon for the coming decade?  And what has not changed which Internet pioneers might have expected? The purpose of this brief Klingenthal meeting was to clarify the big picture and identify which lines of enquiry to pursue in further collaborations and international exchanges.

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Palliser Lecture: The EU – In or Out?

HSBC, Canada Square, London, June 15, 2016

On the eve of the Brexit referendum, Sir John Major, former Prime Minister of the UK, delivered the 2016 Palliser Lecture. Speaking at the event, hosted by HSBC, Major argued that the EU had been, and remained, essential to the UK’s security as well as prosperity. He countered the Leave campaign argument that EU membership compromised security and pointed to the reality of the trading relationship with Europe as opposed to the wild guesswork of what it might be outside. He also emphasised the overwhelming support from the UK’s friends, allies and investors to remain. Major concluded, “If our nation votes … to leave on the basis of half-truths and untruths then – pretty soon – the grave-diggers of our prosperity will have to account for what they have said and done – but that will be of no consolation, for we will be out. Out for good. Diminished as an influence on the world. A truly Great Britain, shrunk down to a Little England.”

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