Senior Fellows and Previous Speakers

Senior Fellows

Trust conferences are directed by one or two Senior Fellows, people of international repute in the area under consideration. Each writes an introductory article specifically for the conference, is present throughout the entire week, takes full part in the discussions and social activities, and gets to know all participants personally.

Previous Trust Senior Fellows include:

Lord Adonis Under Secretary of State, UK Department of Education and Skills
Neal Ascherson Journalist and Author
Prof Kevin Boyle Director of the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex, UK
Dr Vincent Cable Member of Parliament (LiberalDemocrats) United Kingdom
Prof Christopher Coker London School of Economics
Robert Cooper Director-General for External and Politico-Military Affairs, Council of the European Union
Dr Lynn Davis Senior Fellow, RAND Corporation, US Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs 1993-1997
Lord Alfred Dubbs House of Lords
Prof Ronald Dworkin Professor of Law, New York University
Dr Shereen El Feki American University, Cairo
Prof Abdelwahab El-Messiri Ain Shams University, Cairo
Robin Gorna HIV/AIDS Team Leader, DFID
Sir Marrack Goulding Former Warden of St. Antony's College, Oxford, former UN Under-Secretary-General responsible for Peace-keeping (1986-1993) and Political Affairs (1993-1997)
Prof Fred Halliday International Relations at LSE, London
Michael Ignatieff Leader of the Opposition, Canada, former Carr Professor of Human Rights Practice, Harvard University
Dr Martin Jacques Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics Asia Research Centre
Dr Josef Joffe Co-Publisher, Die Zeit
Dr Vina Mazumdar Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi
Doris Meissner Senior Fellow, Migration Policy Institute, Washington DC
Dominique Moïsi Deputy Director, Institut Français des Relations Internationales, Paris
Prof Konrad von Moltke d. 2005
Edward Mortimer Director of Programs, Salzburg Global Seminar
Lord Claus Moser Chairman Emeritus, British Museum Development Trust
Ambassador Olara Otunnu President of LBL Foundation for Children
Sir Geoffrey Owen Director of Business Policy Programme, London School of Economics
Jason Pontin Editor, MIT Technology Review
Dr Fred Sai Former President of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Ghana
Prof Edward Said d. 2003
Richard Sandbrook d. 2005
Professor Dr Michael Stürmer Chief Correspondent, Die Welt
Prof Heizo Takenaka Professor, Keio University, Former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan
Lord William Wallace Lord William Wallace
Dr Michael C Williams UK Prime Minister's Special Envoy to the Middle East
Prof Heinz Wolff Brunel University


Previous Speakers

Dr Jan- Krysztof Bielecki Former Prime Minister of Poland
Lakhdar Brahimi Former Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Former Foreign Minister of Algeria
Dr Algirdas Brazauskas Former President of Lithuania
Cheryl Carolus Former Secretary-General of the African National Congress; former South African High Commissioner to London
Field Marshal Lord Carver Former UK Chief of Defence Staff
Richard Coles Chaplain to the Royal Academy of Music, former member of Bronski Beat and The Comunards
Dr Alan Colman One of leaders of "Dolly" sheep cloning experiment
President Suleyman Demirel Former President of Turkey
Nik Gowing International TV news presenter and consultant on the media in conflict situations
Nahas Angula Prime Minister of Namibia
Bantu Holomisa Co-founder of the United Democratic Movement, South Africa
Johan Holst Foreign Minister of Norway at time of Israeli-Palestinian Oslo Accords
Sir Michael Howard Former Regius Professor of Modern History, Oxford University
Will Hutton Chief Executive of the Work Foundation, Former Editor of The Observer, author of The State We're In
Jan Lodal Former United States Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
Mark Moody-Stuart Former Chairman and Chief Executive, Shell International
Geoff Mulgan Director, Young Foundation, previously Director of Policy Unit, strategy unit of the British Prime Minister
Nicholas Negroponte Computer visonary on leave from MIT, Founder and Chairman of One Laptop per Child
The Rt Hon Lord David Owen Former Foreign Secretary of the United Kindom
Derek Parfit Philosopher, All Souls College, Oxford
Lord David Puttnam Film Producer, Chairman, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts
Prof. Adam Roberts Montagu Burton Professor of International Relations Oxford University
The Rt Hon Lord George Robertson Former Secretary-General of NATO
Mary Robinson Ethical Globalization Initiative, New York; former President of Ireland, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Augustine Ruzindana Former Inspector-General of the Ugandan Government
Prof. Amartya Sen Nobel Prize winner for work in welfare economics
Leila Seth First woman Chief Justice of an Indian state
John Simpson BBC Journalist
General Sir Rupert Smith Former Deputy SACEUR, former Commander of UNPROFOR in Bosnia
Edson Spencer Former President of Honeywell and Chairman of the Ford Foundation
Prof Norman Stone Professor of International Relations, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
Harris Wofford First director of the Peace Corps, former United States Senator, and former President of Bryn Mawr College.